Monday, 17 October 2011

Sigma F80 - A Neccesity in every girl's makeup bag

A few months ago I would always use my fingers or cheap sponges to apply my makeup. This was before I started watching Youtube videos and reading beauty blogs. The majority of the bloggers were on about the Sigma F80 brush and how it was their 'life saver' and made foundation so easy to apply.
At first I believed it was just sponsored posts, but as I began to see more and more pop up I realised that this was the real deal.
I made my order and within a week it arrived, and only one word can describe the brush. Amazing. It really does make foundation go on so easy and look flawless, it literally takes me about thirty seconds to get a full face of foundation on even without looking caked on.
Honestly girls, if you haven't purchased this brush yet then you need too right away. All the hype surrounding it, is their for a reason.
Katie xo


  1. i guess im your first follower! welcome to blogging, im new too :) you have a lovely blog, and i am soo desperate for this brush! x

  2. Thankyou, you are!Oh yes, I love this brush! Defiantly recommend it!

  3. I've heard so many great things about this brush and just sigma brushes in general but I've just been holding off on getting some for some reason. I use a combination of MAC brushes and Topshop ones which are both great but I really want to try this now too!!!

    Gem x

  4. Defiantly think this is worth a purchase, I'm sure you'll love it!x

  5. This is my favourite brush.. ever to apply make-up! It makes my foundation look flawless and I'd never use any other brush! xx